Civic Education

My impressions on why I desperately in need of Civic Education to be prioritised by our uncles, the key holders of our soil.

Civic education empowers us to be well-informed, active citizens and it also gives us the opportunity to change South Sudan πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Έ to be a good conducive soil for living. It is a vital part of any democracy, and equips ordinary people with knowledge about our democracy and our Constitution as well.

Civic education teaches us what we as individuals can do to protect and support our democracy. We come to understand our role and responsibility as active citizens.

Especially since there had not been real democracy practiced for almost seven years now after our hard-won independent from the Arab Islamic North, we really need civic education to know how we can use this empowering political system to better us and all other South Sudanese lives.

Civic education empowers you to change the world around you for the better! The real focus of it in lower grade levels is to prepare young people or students to take part in the governance of their classrooms. It basically begins with their classes, social groups and then, at appropriate levels dealing with formal political organizations and processes.

It is on the other hand, development of active participation in citizenship. This can be possible if students learnt about and appreciate their own rights and thoughts. It is actually the basis of all other forms of participation in development.

Civic Education provides students with core and essential knowledge in regard to social, cultural and political institutions. It is an intensive study and wider understanding of political matters and other organizations. Such study will require students civic understanding after our uncles have accepted this and have legalised it as part of education system in South Sudan πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Έ.

Looking forward of a positive recognition of such a useful dreaming idea by the key holders of our soil.


Building Civic Competence of Citizens.

Civic Competence is the capacity or ability to participate effectively in the Political as well as social systems.

The development and practice of Civic competence varies from one country to another country. Many factors are responsible for the variation of Civic commpetence levels.

If citizens are required to be effective in participation, it would presuppose a certain level of Civic Competence on the part of citizens.

In newly created country in the form of Democratizing process like South Sudan where people are just beginning to learn the arts of self-government and even in countries where there are developed democratic institutions, there are limits of Civic competence.